Diverse Membership

What distinguishes a member of a TEC group is a desire to be the best leader they can be. They have a burning need to learn and to be better. They want to be surrounded by other high-performance leaders from non-competing industries who will give them honest, unbiased, insightful advice. People come to learn from each other and they have a high level of expectation that their colleagues will “show up” too.

Monthly Full-Day Meetings

Monthly meetings are hosted by members. Most meetings include a workshop by top-rated speakers from across North America speaking on topics as diverse as emotional intelligence, organizational structure and change, mindful leadership, change management. Workshops are followed by highly interactive discussions, leadership exercises and transformative conversations.


CEO members and I have a private one-on-one session for one to two hours every month where we identify issues and opportunities, drive deeper into an understanding of underlying causes and talk responsibilities, actions and accountability.

Professional Chair

All TEC groups are professionally led by a formally trained TEC chair, such as me. My job is to attract the right people to the group, work with TEC to identify the top-rated speakers for specific topics, set the agenda, run the meetings and ensure everyone is getting value and, just as importantly, giving value.

Online Resources

Members have online access to hundreds of best practices, leadership tools and discussion groups.

International Network

To help build their businesses, members have free access to the international network of more than 20,000 members.

Special Reports

TEC Canada provides the Andersen Monthly Economic Report exclusively to its members. Dr. Peter Andersen (former assistant chief of the Bank of Canada's research department) provides tremendous economic insight to help members make better business decisions.

I run three different TEC groups in Ottawa:

  • CEO group for leaders of large organizations;
  • Small Business group for leaders and owners of small organizations;
  • KEY group for executives who are future CEOs and leaders. CEOs in TEC often like to have their second-in-command in TEC for the learning experience and because they can share a common language and approach to organizational growth and change.

My usual approach is to meet you and explore if there is a fit. I want to make sure that potential members are a good fit with the group and that we can add value to your personal growth before either of us makes a commitment. I’ll introduce you to some members and if you like what you hear the next step is to come to a meeting. TEC is a significant time investment and people who have inflexible travel arrangements or who choose not to control their own agenda will likely not get value.